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TYM Tractors
TYM Tractors has purchased Branson Tractors (Kukje Machinery). The Branson tractor brand and name will be fully consolidated to TYM on January 1, 2023, but the Branson product lineup will remain the same. Click Here to Learn More. As a result, we now have added Branson Tractors to our inventory.
Sub Compact
T254 Sub-Compact Tractors (T224, T254,T264 and T25) span 19 to 25 hp of power and the smallest possible turning radius, TYM sub-compact tractors are easy to operate and maneuver in tighter spaces. These machines are perfect for property owners who want to tackle everything from chores to home projects with minimized effort and maximized results.
T224 - 21.5HP
T254 - 23.9HP
T264 - 24.0HP
T25 - 24.7HP
T394 Compact Tractors (Series 3,4, 5 and 6) range from 35 to 67 hp. TYM compact tractors offer greater lift and engine capabilities, all within a small tractor frame. With higher output and easy maneuverability, these tractors strike the right balance to help owners realize the goals on their property or semi-commercial development.

The T394/C and T474/C are equipped to take on harder tasks in smaller spaces, designed to be durable and compact, and engineered for consistent  efficiency. With a minimized overall height and high maneuverability, these tractors are ideal to complete jobs in low-ceiling areas. Use a Series 3 tractor to grow thriving crops, complete building projects, clear paths in the winter and accomplish the vision for your property.
T394/C - 37.4HP
T474/C - 48.3HP

The T454/C, T494/C, T555, T574/C and T654 are on the top-end of the compact range, with optimized dimensions and maximized lift capabilities. An efficient engine and a larger fuel tank make these tractors ideal for for semi-private to commercial-scale challenges. The T654 is a Compact Utility Tractor.
T454/C - 46.6HP
T494/C - 48.3HP
T554 - 55.93HP
T574/C - 55.0HP
T654 - 67.0HP

Branson Compact
2515H Branson Tractors, Series 15 tractors (2515H), Branson Tractors designed their mid-size tractors with rugged, dependability in mind. The 15 Series compact tractor is tough enough for any job around the farm or home. The 2515H tractor has a 24 HP, 3 cylinders diesel engine and feature the Hydro-Max transmissions and Tier 4 certified “A” series diesel engines

T574 Utility Tractors, Series 6 tractors (T754 and T1104), combine robust interiors and exteriors, equipping them for heavy duty and time-intensive applications. Whether you are looking to traverse hard or soft terrain, power large implements or attachments and maximize productivity of the engine or operator, the Series 6 tractors cover it all.
T754 - 74.0HP
T1104 - 101.0HP

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