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LS Tractors
Sub Compact
XJ2025 Sub-Compact Tractors (MT1, XJ and MT2S) combine performance and agility to make these small chassis, 4WD tractors with hydrostatic transmissions perfect for home & ranch owners, small acreage hobby farmers, horse farmers and light commercial users.

The MT1 Series Sub-Compact incorporates a user-friendly ergonomic design into a robust and quality tractor.  The MT1 standard features provide an exceptional operator experience in a variety of applications.
MT122 - 21.5HP
MT125 - 24.7HP

The XJ2025 offers versatility that Small Compact customers appreciate. Ample strength and durability allows you to work all day with a large number of LS implements and attachments. The XJ is not simply limited to a tractor and loader configuration, it can be equipped with a backhoe, mid-mount mower, snow blower, as well as numerous three-point implements. Versatility and performance make this Small Compact tractor a leader.
XJ2025 - 24.4HP
The MT225S provides a Premium Small Compact tractor for customers wishing to have a high-performing and a highly featured small compact tractor. The multitude of standard premium features include premium seat, two pedal hydrostatic transmission, flat operator platform, high- capacity loader and three-point hitch.
MT225S - 24.7HP
MT225E Compact Tractors ( MT225E, MT2E, MT3E and MT3) are versatile 4WD compact tractors come with an impressive list of standard features and a variety of available transmissions to tackle medium to heavy-duty applications with ease. The premium compact tractor is ideally suited for commercial users or land owners with up to 30 acres, for orchards and vineyards, as well as on horse farms and small ranches.
The MT225E is a high-value and feature rich compact utility tractor. Featuring high-capacity front-loader and three-point hitch is only the start of what this tractor series provides. Additional deluxe features like an electric engaged Independent PTO come standard.
MT225E/HE - 24.6HP

The MT2E Series (MT230E and MT235E/EH, MT240E/EH) provides customers with value and affordable horsepower. This series not only promotes a variety of horsepower’s, but also boast numerous features and implements that can make this series a perfect fit for many applications.
MT230E - 30.0HP
MT235E/HE - 35.0HP
MT240E/EH - 40.0HP

The MT3E Series (MT345E/HE, MT355E/HE) provides a variety of horsepower ratings and transmissions to accommodate any customers needs. Those customers requiring value and power will find plenty of both in this robust series of LS tractor.
MT345E/HE - 45.0HP
MT355E/HE - 55.0HP

The MT3 Series (MT342H/HC/C, MT347H/HC/C, MT352H/HC/C/PCT/PCTC and MT357H/HC/C/PCT/PCTC provides three different horsepower models featuring both cab and ROPS options. These models are available with gear drive or hydrostatic transmissions. All models feature an ergonomic design making this a truly premium tractor. Hydrostatic cab models feature the all-new Servo HST with Pedal Link.
MT342H/HC - 42.0HP
MT347H/HC/C -47.0HP
MT347H/HC/C -47.0HP

MT573 Utility Tractors ( MT4, MT5 and MT7 serices) offer a variety of configurations enabling you to find the exact configuration you need. Available as open stations or with cabs, these 4WD utility tractors are loaded with standard features and a 16 x 16 synchro-shuttle transmission for small farm & hay operations, as well as commercial users.
  The MT4 Series (MT458/C and MT468/C/CPS) features a variety of configurations enabling you to find the exact configuration you need. A ROPS and Cab version are available with highly featured operator platforms/cabs. The ergonomic design provides all-day comfort, as the robust frame provides high-capacity front loader and three point lift.
MT458/C - 58.0HP
MT468/C - 68.0HP

  The MT573/CP/CPS is an ergonomically designed 73 horsepower cab model. The MT573 features premium features such as premium seat, flat operator platform, and many other features ensuring operator comfort. Additionally, the overall capacity of this tractor provides unsurpassed efficiency. Comes with a Power Shuttle Transmission that enables fast and efficient directional changes.
MT573C/CPS - 73.0HP

  The MT7101CPS/CSPS is available with 101 horsepower and includes an ergonomic and spacious cab. Premium features such as a standard instructor’s seat, Goodyear LSW tires, two rear remotes, and superior lift capacities for both the front-loader and three-point hitch come standard.
MT7101CPS/CSPS - 100.6HP

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