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LS Tractor USA manufactures a variety of tractors to accommodate a full range of needs, from hobby farmers to medium-sized farming operations. LS Tractor is recognized as one of the world's fastest growing tractor manufacturers, LS Tractor's success is a result of an unwavering focus on providing exceptional customer satisfaction. For over 60 years they have delivered value, quality, performance, and service through extensive investments in research and development, testing facilities and modern manufacturing. All LS Tractors comes with a five year limited warranty.

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TYM Sub-Compacts

The TYM Sub-Compact models maintain many features from the tier 3 T194 and T200 series, including oversized tires, optional turf tires, smoother running diesel engines, and new body styling touch-ups. Hey, hobby farmer or recreational equestrian – this one’s perfect for you. For information on Sub-Comapct Models, click the picture or this Specifications link.


TYM Compacts

The all -new T300 series Compact models deliver full compliance to Tier IV emissions standards – It offer a clean and environmentally friendly solution to your rural lifestyle needs. Comes in both CAB’d and foldable ROPS versions. For information on Comapct Models, click the picture or this Specifications link.

Value Compact

TYM Utility

The T400 , T500 and T600 series Utitlty models are big on economy, even bigger on performance. Featuring an ergonomic design, wet disc brakes for real stopping power, and a Yanmar powered tier 4 regulated engine, they pack the punch you need, without damaging our environment. For information on Utility Models, click the picture or this Specifications link.


TYM Heavy Duty Utility

The T700 and T1000 series Heavy Duty Utility models provide beyond sufficient horsepower, these machines makes quick work of any job regardless of the size. For information on Heavy Duty Utility Models, click the picture or this Specifications link.

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